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Ottoman/Turkish Ornamental Art

My primary art branch Illumination always gives me the discipline of excellence with its millimetric design criteria. Repeating the same millimetric pattern dozens of times, creating the perfect geometric layout, preparing the materials and every step passed until work is completed need big patience. Each line, pattern, and brushstroke of an art piece of Illumination has always to be equal, perfect, and fine... 
I call it ‘’The art of the Golden Patience’’... 

About Illumination

Illumination is an art of Ottoman/Turkish ornamentation and its origin and first samples extend to the Uyghur Turks. Its historical journey continued with the Ottoman Empire and it lived its golden period during the Empire's rule. In the 18th century with European influences, the rococo and baroque style was added to the traditional style of illumination. The gold leaves and gold powder obtained from them are the main material of the Illumination and its also named gilding for this main material. It has many unique forms and styles. Rumi, which is inspired by animal forms and Hatai, which is inspired by herbal forms create its general forms. Besides these forms, clouds, flowers, geometrical shapes, and the shaped lines are used for creating an Illumination design composition. With their different painting techniques, classical, baroque, rococo and naturalistic are the main styles of this art. Illumination still continues to be popular as an ornamental art and offers a visual feast around the world with different creative designs from different artists.

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