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About Me...

Hi, I am Nefise Serra,
I've been a Visual Art & Design Creator for more than 20 years. My main art branch is Illumination which is the art of Ottoman/Turkish Ornamentation. I also work on Contemporary and Digital Arts. I transform my digital designs into silk and natural fabrics products in my own brand nacQue.
I am so fortunate since I am from Istanbul, the capital of empires, the intersection point of the eastern and the western cultures with an unending historical richness. My origins come from the Aegean which is a region with deep-rooted history, culture, and manners. All these features have always affected positively and strongly my productivity in the way of success and creation. I am also fortunate because now I live in Italy, a country full of culture, history, art, and design. These two countries with common values, Turchia and Italy, take me to the peak of inspiration in art and design...

Ben Turkuaz.jpg

Thousands of Heartfelt Designs and Art Works...
A Manager of Luxury & Fashion Brand by SDA Bocconi School of Management/Milan,

An International E-Commerce Professional (Certified by Coproline), 
A Self-Learning Graphic Designer (Professional usage of all Adobe and Corel CADs),
A Certified Artist of Turkish Classical Arts by Mastery Course of Topkapi Palace of Turkish Ministry of Culture,
An Italian Sworn Translator School of Leonardo Da Vinci/Rome (Upper Graduate),
The founder of Traveler Ladies prepares special interest tours and workshops only for ladies primarily in Italy,
A Renewable Energy activist and former owner of Point Energy, which is a company of Photovoltaic/Solar Energy between Italy and Turchia,
The Mom of 2 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter that is the meaning of her life,

The Designer & Owner of her individual luxury silk brand nacQue,

The Visual Artist who works on Contemporary and Ottoman/Turkish Ornamental Arts,
Along with all these responsibilities, a suspended student of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Business Administration in Turchia and Academy of Fine Arts Rome the course of Design. 

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